Engineering Biography

Hedy Lamarr

Born: November 9, 1914

Died: January 19, 2000 (age 85)

Citizenship: Austria (1914-1953), United States (1953-2000)

Occupation: Actress, Inventor

Hedy Lamarr was born on November 9, 1914. She was an Austrian-born American film actress and inventor. Lamarr won a beauty contest in Vienna at the age of 12. As a child, she showed an interest in acting and was fascinated by theatre and film. She became a film star from the late 1930s to the 1950s. Her best-known films are Algiers, Boom Town, I Take This Woman, Comrade X, Come Live With Me, H.M. Pulham, Esq, and Samson and Delilah.

At the age of 18, Lamarr married Mandl. Her marriage eventually became unmanageable, and she decided to separate herself from her husband. She described her husband as an extremely controlling husband who strongly objected to her acting career. She even claimed she was kept a virtual prisoner in their castle home.  After leaving Mandl, she met Louis B. Mayer, head of MGM. He brought her to Hollywood in 1938 and began promoting her as the “World’s most beautiful woman” and she gets famous ever since.

During the World war II, Lamarr wanted to join the National Inventors Council, but the NIC member told that she could better help the war effort by using celebrity to sell war bonds. Because of her participation, there were many war bonds purchases during that time. Throughout her entire time in the film industry, Lamarr enjoyed her biggest success playing Delilah the most. The film was the highest-grossing film of 1949 and also won two Oscars.

Besides working in the filming industry, Lamarr also worked in her spare time on various hobbies and inventions. She improved traffic stoplight and a tablet that would dissolve in water to create a carbonated drink. The beverage was unsuccessful but later on, in 1997, Lamarr received the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award and the Bulbie Gnass Spirit of Achievement Bronze Award, given to an individual whose creative lifetime achievements in the arts, science, business, or invention fields have significantly contributed to society.

Lamarr died in Florida, on January 19, 2000, of heart disease, aged 85. She was given an honorary grave in Vienna’s Central Cemetery in 2014. Despite the fact that Lamarr was an actress, she was also the first woman to receive the invention Convention’s BULBIE Gnass Spirit of Achievement Award, known as the “Oscars of inventing.” This amazing history should be spread and hear by everyone because Lamarr, an actress, and woman had broken the world stereotype by inventing the “secret communication system” that we are now using every day.

Last but not least, the three characteristics that help Lamarr reached her goals must be persistence, patience, and positivity. Lamarr was not just a pretty actress, in addition, this Lamarr seems to play an important role during and after the World War II broke. She wanted to solve the problem of communication at that time, but her first attempt wasn’t a success due to sociocultural discrimination. I understand that sometimes there are people that are going to say “no” to what we want and need but successful people do not give up, so did Lamarr.

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Go Film for MoneyTree

MoneyTree is a curriculum brought by a Singapore Company. They established to provide a solution to address the financial literacy gap. Liger is very lucky to bring this curriculum into school for the Junior. “Money tree taught me how to save and manage my money.” – Dara. Meanwhile, Samady, Samnang, and I are having such a great opportunity to help the company with their promotion video which will use to target Cambodian parents. Before the end of January, our team will visit three different schools in Phnom Penh (The Westline School, Apple Tree International School, and Cambodian Children’s Fund organization), to shoot several videos as well as to meet with the curriculum trainer from the Company. This might sound simple, but we have their future with us.

Cambodia Marine life Book

Cambodia Marine Life Book is a non-fiction, science book that is referring to the plants, animals and other organisms that are living in the ocean, salt water. This book will provide more scientific information about all different type of habitats, marine plants and animals species that are found in Cambodia. Published books will hand to all children in Cambodia by distributing and implementing public education. The goal of making this book is to stop all type of illegal fishing that recently occurs in Cambodia provinces (Sihanoukville, Kampot, Koh Kong and Kep). The books will publish through the amount of money that get from the donor by crowdfunding.

Community Guitar

Many Cambodian students really wanted to learn how to play guitars, but they can’t do that due to the price that they have to pay to get into a guitar class. Chhoeu, which is the leader of this group (Khmer Community Guitar) is really passionate about music. So many students in Takeo province, which is his hometown were asking him to teach them on how to play guitars. He has a point that nowadays, many teenagers in Cambodia are exposed to bad activities, such as using drugs and alcohol, and this might stop them from achieving their goals. Khmer Community Guitar is a program that’s aiming to help the students in the community who have passion and are interested in learning on how to play guitar.

Trashion Independent Discovery -1

Trashion is the first Independent Discovery that I have for this year. In this project, I need to learn how to sketch the clothes and sew it by myself. So far, I have many challenges in this project. The first time that I learn how to sew, I accidentally hurt myself. It also hard for me to think of the new design for my project. For some design, I need around 2 weeks to finish sketching and sewing. I have a really hard time researching for a new style and how could I change it, so then it could be different from the original. This project is not only focused on plastic or waste that people throw away but I also make some clothes out of whole fabric.

Medicational Plants

My Independent Discovery is about Medicational Plants. I have been working on it for about 2 months by my own and get some help from one of my teacher (Karen). In this project, I do research about the benefit of many plants species for our health.  Right now I have 33 species in my document such as herbs, vegetable, and fruit. After this research am going to turn some of the information into the book and share it with the community people that near my school campus. I also share my research to Cook Book Exploration. They are going to study how it benefits to the health, and they are going to think that is it the good plants that they should include in their Cookbook or not. I am very proud of myself that I can share my study to the other friends, especially I know that the work that I have been working for 2 months is useful for the other people.

Tech and Engineering Description

Name: Tech and Engineering
Learning Facilitator: Max
Number of Students: 13
Date: 11 August-17 October 2014
Days we meet: Monday-Tuesday

Course Description: On the first day of Tech and Engineering, we learned about engineering. Its definition is solving problems by using math, science, technology, and creativity. On the next day, we started to learn about the process of engineering. It is called the 5D. First, we discover what is the problem. Then, we define the problem. Next, we can design the solution. After that, we develop the plan. Deploy means improve our plan. We had to engineer the chair for the bear. The chairs for the bear were made from Legos. It was the first challenge for the class. One of the criteria was to make the chair so that when the bear sat on it, it does not fall. We also engineered the robot. We learned a lot about programming.

Infographics 1 Description

Advanced Enrichment Name: Infographics 1

Learning Facilitator: Jessica

Number of Students: 13

Advanced Enrichment Dates: August 12-Oct 17

Days We Meet: Thursday and Friday

Course Description: In Infographics class we learned about what does infographics mean. Infographics mean the way showing information as a chart or diagram. In Infographics we learned to look at the pictures to understand the information and we were so excited to get a chance to looked at an infographic because it was our first time to look at infographics by our own. When we first looked at infographic we got a little confused but the strategies are sometimes to look at the arrow. Infographics might have a lot of pictures but some don’t have a lot of pictures. The pictures that we looked at were about the Earth like when the animals die and decompose and become gasoline or gold. We even looked at infographics about acid rain. At the end of our Advanced Enrichment, we made our own infographic about Liger as the same as 100 people. We made our own infographic because we wanted other students and visitors to get some information from our infographic.


Zoology A Description

Name of Course: Zoology

Learning Facilitator: Jojo

Number of Students: 12

Dates: Jan. 19 – March 27

Days we Meet: Monday and Tuesday

Course Description: In our class, we learned about the animals, for example, bacteria is the first organism that has lived on Earth. We learned about different kinds of organisms that live in the world, for example, in the ocean, there are different kinds of living things like starfishes and turtles. After that, we learned about invertebrates and vertebrates. Invertebrates are the organisms that don’t have a backbone. Vertebrates are the organisms that have a backbone. Ex: cow have a backbone, the sponge doesn’t have a backbone. We learned about marine animals and territory animals. Marine are the organisms that live in the ocean only. Ex: Octopus is a marine animal. A territory is the organisms that live on land. Ex: cats are the territory animals. In the water, there are a lot of insects. We learned how the insect’s metamorphosis. Metamorphosis means change. We learned about the metamorphosis are about their life cycle. In class, we learned a lot of things most things that we learned are the mammals. Mammals are the organisms that have a baby in their belly and give their baby a milk like a human.

Khmer History Description

Name of Course: Khmer History

Learning Facilitators: Darath and Kimchhel

Days of the Week: Monday and Tuesday

Number of Students: 13

Dates Study: August 12-Oct 17
Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment we divided the group into two. One group learned with Kimchhel and other group learned with Darath. The group that learned with Kimchhel learned about Chenla era (Chela) and Preah Bath TroSork Pa-eam era (Dark Ages). But the group that learned with Darath learned about Nokor Phnom era (Funan Empire) and Angkor era (Khmer Empire). At the end of the class, both groups shared what they had learned and the group that not yet learned took the notes. Then the teacher asked the group that took the notes about what our friends had told us. Usually, we did this for both groups. Also, the group that learned with Kimchhel or with Darath reviewed the things that they had learned from last week. When we learned in Khmer History class we learned a lot about Khmer history. Now we want to tell you one thing from every era. Nokor Phnom era (Funan Empire) was from years 68-550. Chenla era (Chenla) was from years 550-802. Angkor era (Khmer Empire) was from years 802-1431. Preah Bath TroSork Pa-eam era (Dark Ages) was from years 1618-1863.