Photography inspired poetry

Students are required to write three different type of poems such as the Found poetry, Photography poetry, and the Metaphor poetry. The poems can be written in any perspective reflected on any books that students had read. Here is my Photography poetry that was written in a perspective of a seed growing at the dump. I was inspired by this lovely picture of a poor little boy scavenge at the River of the Victory dump which best known as the largest municipal dump in Phnom Penh.

I’ll grow out of anger,

I’ll grow out of fear,

I’ll grow out of where YOU, people called dump,

To prove you I’m massive.


I water myself,

Night and morning with my tears,

And I grow both day and night,

Till it bore an apple bright.


You once called me a groundless seed,

You trapped me miserably,

But you never knew that this browny-little seed,

Seeks its own nutrition, out of this toxicity.


(Deep breath)….

And now, maybe I’m not a beautiful tree.

But, I’m not alone.

Thanks to this municipality, or this yard, or this large, awful, stingy, rubbish, landscape. 

You gave me the moon, the star, the sun, the cloud, and you proved to me that I’m no longer the unwanted seed.

Pygmalion-My Fair Lady

In Literacy class we were grouped into a partner to answer different questions and presented to the whole school. To make it interested and also getting more people attending, we had answered our question in TV shows form.

Let read it together!

Section 9, Pygmalion 

Q: How does this line contrast with Act IV, when she cries, “Where am I to go? What am I to do?”

TV Show!!

Person1: Hello, ma world! Welcome back to our Mrs: Talk show!

Person2: Today we’ll bring you up to a new nonsensical movie that some of you already heard about it which is an act by the world famous stars Vuthy Vey and Chimean Hav!

Person1: This famous movie show includes romance, teasing and arguing.

Person2: Yes! Yes! I really like the scene when the main characters Eliza and Higgins get very cross with each other! Especially Higgins ma lovely man! (laughing)

Person1: Aw…….oooooo…………ow! That not nice at all! Can we come into our topic plz!

Person2: Oh,!Yes, Well, what are we going to talk about, Ms.Eliza Doolittle?

Person1: Here is a question that sends by Pygmalion fan club. It says “How is Eliza behave herself differently by stating this two sentences, You’ll have to do without me” compare to “Where am I to go? What am I to do?”?

Person2: Aw……..…oooo………ow! Where am I to go? What am I to do? That the first thing that she says when she has no ideas what going to happen in her life and if she leaves she won’t be able to speak like a lady and sell as much flower as she wants.

Person1: So, you mean she behaves herself differently in the next sentence because she is ready to take care of herself and ready to sell the flower?

Person2: Err…….part of! Higgins is a teasing man. He has no care for anyone except himself. Eliza to him is not really important than his slipper.

Pich: Aw……oooo………ow! Eliza really hates Higgins. She knows that she is not important to him, and she has no longer to live with him,

Person2: But, they both have a special…….

Person1: Oh, Sorry it time. Nary, I think we should continue this for tomorrow. I have to go to my meeting now!

Person2: Hey, but the TV show is not yet……..ah? Well, Thx you so much for your attention today. I hope you enjoy your Friday. Goodbye!!!!!


I am a diamond in my parent’s eyes
Adorable, intelligent and kind
Aggressive and sometimes a little shy
But I’m still in everyone’s heart and mind

My laugh usually makes them both happy
My smile makes friends and teachers want to stay
But I’m still crying and sometimes I’m silly
That why my aunt still want to leave today

Many people would like to play with me
Play game, reading, writing and have a talk
But I’m a girl that likes to stay lonely
Sometimes quite and want to have a walk

I end up with no one understand me
That why I born with Rith Sovannary

Minister Day at Liger

On 12th January 2016 Liger school have a big sharation of sharing the school curriculum to around 50 people from the Minister of Education, Youth, and Sport.  We rotated them around the building to see our presentation. I was presenting in Khmer and English Literacy class which is on Khmer section.  Everyone in the group was presented in Khmer. My friends and I were very nervous because this is the first time that we presented to His and Her excellency and we needed to make sure that when they left our class they got what Liger goals and curriculum on Literacy. After we presented some of them asked us questions and some gave feedback. Every time they asked or gave feedback my heart jump very fast but I still smile. I think this is one of the good experiences for me to feel like the other people when they get a chance to present to the Minister.

Idiom : See eye to eye

In Literacy class this year everyone learns idioms. We learn many of them and each one of us makes a poster for it to hang on a wall. I also make one. My idiom is See Eye To Eye. If you read it at the first time without knowing it is an idiom I think you will confuse it with people look at each other with eye to eye. If you want to know the real meaning of this, then check it out down here.

I go to an anusual school

I go to an unusual school. It is located in Champokeak district of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In the school, we have 50 students. We have many subjects to learn. They are Essentials, Math, Khmer, Exploration (a group of students works with the teacher on a project for seven weeks). We start school at 8am and end at 4pm. At 4:20pm we start the Extension. We all get the chance to go to many provinces to study. Also, some people have traveled to another country (Singapore). All the teachers are kind and optimistic. I am so happy to learn at this unusual school.

Who am I Poem

Who am I?
am Sovannary.
I’m studying at Liger.
I have two sisters.
Now I am 13-year-olds.
I was born on 22, April 2002.
In the future, I want to be a lawyer.
I like reading books and painting.
I’m also good at writing stories.
My favorite color is red.
I like to be quiet.
I am Nary.