Nation Emblem


This is the national emblem of Democratic Kampuchea that I had draw form the book. The nation emblem consists of a network of dikes and canals, which symbolizes modern agriculture, and factories, which symbolize industry. These are farmed by an oval garland of rice ears, with the inscription “Democratic Kampuchea” at the bottom.

First Aid Quiz

First Aid Quiz

Circulatory and Respiratory System

1 = A friend is are choking and making gasping sounds. What should you do?
A = encourage her to continue to cough
2 = The friend then stops coughing and is distresses and cannot make any sound. She probably has an object in her….
A = trachea
3 = To help your friend remove the object that is blocking her breathing you should
A = slap her 5 times on her back, then apply 5 upward chest thrusts
4 = Your neighbor was hit by a tuk-tuk in front of your house, He is bleeding from his face. You should……
A = move him to safety before doing anything and make sure are safe
5 = It is important that your neighbor stop bleeding because…
A = He is losing blood, his circulatory system is closed and need to stay closed, he is losing red blood cells
6 = Red blood cell are important because…
A = They carry oxygen
7 = When you have hiccups you are having spasms, which are involuntary muscle contractions of the diaphragm. When you are normally breathing you….
A = exhale when the diaphragm relaxes
8 = When you inhale air travel through your…
A = nose, trachea, pharynx, larynx
9 = Walking home you see a man lying on the ground. You ask him if he all right but you get no response. You should first….
A = check to see if he breathing
10 = You check and your neighbor does not have a pulse, you know…….
A = Oxygen is not getting to the cells, his heart is not pumping, you need to do compressions over the sternum
11 = The ambulance arrives and your neighbor’s heart has begun to beat again. You are a hero. You overhear the medical personnel say his blood pressure is 80/40. You know that this is …
A = Hypotension, both a low systolic and diastolic reading, is low blood pressure
12 = You need a transfusion of blood. It is important that you get the correct….
A = blood type and RH factor