Math Formulars

When it’s come to a point that WE all need to know these math formulas. It is not required to be memorized but it better to get a sense of how to calculate them. 

Static equilibrium Problem

Static equilibrium: A 7 kg sign is hung up with two cables, with each cable at a 40-degree angle. What is the force in the cables?

Once again, we are going to solve this problem by balancing the forces
in the y-direction. What can we figure out right away? The force of gravity on
the sign in the downwards direction.
Fg = m ∗ g
Fg = 7kg ∗ 10m/s2 = 70N

The forces acting upward on the sign have to cancel out this 70N downward
force. These upward forces are the y components of each of the diagonal forces.
Because we know the two diagonal forces are equal (the angles are the same),
we know that they split the weight equally. Therefore, the y component of
each must be 35 (35 up + 35 up balances 70 down ). Then, once again, we do
sohcahtoa. The y component is the side opposite to the angle:

sin40 = 35/F
Where F is the diagonal force we are looking for.
F = 35/sin40 = 54.45N

Technology Fashion

I enjoy working with fashion not because it’s fancy but because Cambodia needs to improve its own fashion style. Technology fashions mostly appear in the western countries; a few Cambodian understand how technology might totally change the fashion world while many others don’t even know what technology is due to fashion. NeoDress was made for a night party. Adafruit Flora, NeoPixel LED Light, JavaScript code and sewing skill are all required in this project. As a Liger student, I know how important it is to make a change and take advantage of my opportunity.

Cambodia Marine life Book

Cambodia Marine Life Book is a non-fiction, science book that is referring to the plants, animals and other organisms that are living in the ocean, salt water. This book will provide more scientific information about all different type of habitats, marine plants and animals species that are found in Cambodia. Published books will hand to all children in Cambodia by distributing and implementing public education. The goal of making this book is to stop all type of illegal fishing that recently occurs in Cambodia provinces (Sihanoukville, Kampot, Koh Kong and Kep). The books will publish through the amount of money that get from the donor by crowdfunding.

Community Guitar

Many Cambodian students really wanted to learn how to play guitars, but they can’t do that due to the price that they have to pay to get into a guitar class. Chhoeu, which is the leader of this group (Khmer Community Guitar) is really passionate about music. So many students in Takeo province, which is his hometown were asking him to teach them on how to play guitars. He has a point that nowadays, many teenagers in Cambodia are exposed to bad activities, such as using drugs and alcohol, and this might stop them from achieving their goals. Khmer Community Guitar is a program that’s aiming to help the students in the community who have passion and are interested in learning on how to play guitar.