Marine Conservation Cambodia

We are Marine Conservation Cambodia is a group of 12 students from the Liger Learning Center, in Phnom Penh, learned about marine conservation in Cambodia, during seven weeks long project.  The group researched to learn more about marine life and understand the problems of marine ecosystems in Cambodia. The biggest goal of this Exploration is to protect marine ecosystems in Cambodia. To accomplish this goal we worked really hard to finish the Proposal for a Feasibility Study of Algal Farming as an Alternative Livelihood for Cambodian Fishermen. This document explains a major problem for Cambodian marine ecosystems, a possible solution, the proposal for a feasibility study that would include all Liger senior students 2016 – 2017, and information about what was learned in this pilot Exploration. We also took a trip to Kep province to visit MCC which is an organization that is working on the protected marine ecosystem around Koh Seh. We spent 1 week on the island for researching and learning about seahorse habitat, history of the bunker on the island, learning about the organism on the island and in the sea. We also get a chance to snorkel, scuba dive, and other activities.