Technology Fashion

I enjoy working with fashion not because it’s fancy but because Cambodia needs to improve its own fashion style. Technology fashions mostly appear in the western countries; a few Cambodian understand how technology might totally change the fashion world while many others don’t even know what technology is due to fashion. NeoDress was made for a night party. Adafruit Flora, NeoPixel LED Light, JavaScript code and sewing skill are all required in this project. As a Liger student, I know how important it is to make a change and take advantage of my opportunity.


Not much people like sport, but all of us want a good health and a strong body. Here is one strategy that you should add it to your daily life to get yourself working well throw the whole day. It is yoga. Yoga doesn’t require you to be good at running, kicking like in football, or jump as high as you can in basketball but, it needs you to relax and flexible. You might get very tired for the first time but you will like it in the next week. Yoga can lower your back pain, headache, reduce insomnia and lower blood pressure. I really like yoga. After practicing it for 2 weeks I feel alot better. I feel so fresh in the morning and I can keep working till evening with energy.


DIY is stand for Do It Yourself. I like to spend time on DIY website exploring new skill and share it with all my friends from all over the world. I teach myself how to be a competitor for the other user on DIY. Different than the other year, this year I request teacher to led one Extension call DIY with the junior students. I help them make their own account on DIY because I think they will like it and get more learning style from the world. So far, becoming a teacher is one of my interest. Sometime I enjoyed it and sometime I felt a little bit disappointed. Before each class, I take sometime to go online and search for some activities that kid would like to do and it is meaningful for them. Though this I come up with some activities to teach such as, stitching the book, making key chains, painting and share your favorite animals with fruits. I enjoyed it so much which makes me continue it for the other round.