3D Design Description

In between 2013 and 2014 Everyone had participated in 3D Design Exploration with Kichong. This class we learned about how to become the businesswoman/man and how to design a 3D in 123D Design. Some people also prefer Blender to do it. Everyone has their own group and they need to come up with many creative ideas of a 3D printer product. At the end, they only choose their favorite to be their product and try to run the business with it. My partner (Sopor) and I were focusing on the bracelet. We make the small, round, bead with the letter on it. We choose to design the English letter because of it easier than Khmer. We have it in any color. We try to sell it to some students at school and some staff. It was very good by the way. Then we get to sell it to the other school students and Laura Mam (Cambodian Stars) also wear our bracelet. We didn’t sell to her but we get an opportunity to gave her and it also a good idea by advertisements. In the whole round of this Exploration, my teams are the one who sells lots of products. We sell 429 of them.



Entrepreneurship Description

Hey! In this year my first Exploration is Entrepreneurship. This Exploration was focused on a chili sauce business. We learn in class with our entrepreneurship curriculum and brainstorm about some ideas of starting the business. Our big goal, by the end of the year, is for our chili sauce business is to have a marketable and scalable business plan to pitch to investors. Part of our business plan will be producing 100 samples of our sauce, bottles and labeled. Right now we are only on step four of 12 of business, developing our product and sampling our sauce with customers and getting feedback. In class, we divided into four small groups. They are Production group, Advertising group, Financial group and Market Study group. In around 3 or 4 weeks of our exploration, we had bought some chili sauce from the other company to try with our students and staff.  We asked them to choose their flavor from scale 1 to 5. So far in this round, we have made three type of chili sauce after we survey the students and staff with the sauce that we bought from the outside. We didn’t name it yet but we called it Spicy Sauce, Ginger Sauce, and the Pumpkin sauce. We called it by the ingredients that we use in it. I and my production team didn’t copy all the recipes and ingredients from the other company. We just go throw the recipes that they have, then try out with the different recipes by combining many different ingredients and vegetable. It was very hard to cook at the first time but when we did it 2 to 3 time we adapt to it.


Picture Editing

As you know their are many subjects to learn and their are many fun activities on week day and weekends. This is one of the fun activities that I and my friend (Thiny) had on weekend. It was fun by the way and I hope you all like it.