Khmer Literacture and Culture Festival

Khmer Literature and Culture Festival aims to leverage Cambodia literature and culture among students and authors through engaging activities, booths, traditional Khmer games, workshops, and panel discussions. As a part of the festival, I am the lead organizer for the Khmer Fashion Show. The show displays the revolution of Khmer fashion from the Angkor era to Cambodia modern life, 2019. My goal for the show is not only about showing the cloth, but at the same time educate people the Khmer history and ancient textile.


Junx aims to inspire more people to do recycling, upcycling, reusing, and maintaining the fabric waste. Furthermore, 25% of Junx’s profit will be invested in community development and social impact.

The reason we decided to incorporate social responsibility into our business model is that we want to reduce fast fashion in the community; a lot of clothes are being produced quickly and there are also a lot wasted. We want to help people in many ways we can by organizing clothing swaps, assessing communities’ clothing needs, educating communities about waste management and creative solutions to waste (especially fabric and clothing). We want to be more than a brand; we are a concept and a vehicle for change.

International Labour Organization

International Labour Organization is a tripartite U.N. agency who brings together governments, employers, and workers to set labor standards, develop policies and devise programs promoting decent work for all women and men. Our group is working with the ILO to implement soft skills training in Cambodia. Soft skills are a combination of people skills, and social skills, (e.g. communicating) that you learn through experience rather than through formal, conventional training.

Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival

The Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival is an event run by students that aim to introduce filmmaking to government students to contribute to the growth of Khmer national film industry, give the students themselves possible future careers, and open up their minds to different ways of expressing their thoughts or addressing different problems in the society. With this aim, we are working to teach the government students the basics of scriptwriting, film producing, and film editing. The Final film will be a showcase to everyone in June. As a committee and someone who loves to engage people with an amazing opportunity, I really wish to see more people take this advantage and possibly step out of their comfort zone for the sake of their growth.