Women’s Health Research

Both women and men share similar health challenges, but the differences are such that the health of women deserves particular attention. While there are many commonalities in the health challenges facing women around the world, there are also differences due to various conditions in which they live. I think it is very important for women to have access to knowledge related to their own health, not only about the reproductive system because they are going to a mother and wife, but about all aspects of her body. Therefore this will be amazing research to scrutiny the women’s health in all aspects, and especially seeing the different perspectives towards the women’s health system in Cambodia. My aim is to 1, Determine the current health services for women in the rural areas in Cambodia and what they are lacking. These include: (a), the area of they are living; (b), the income/poverty around their area. 2, Dictate the current women and girls health in Cambodia; major health concern, establish the needs for women and girls based on their service which also could link to their knowledge of their own health.


Heterogeneous vs Homogeneous mixtures

  • What is the different between Heterogeneous and Homogeneous mixtures?
  • Three phrase or states of matter gas, liquid and solid.

Homogeneous – a mixture that is dissolvable in each other

Heterogeneous – a mixture that is separated from each other


  • Homogeneous mixtures examples
    • Air
    • Sugar water
    • Rainwater
    • Vodka
    • Vinegar
    • Dishwashing detergent
    • Steel
  • Heterogeneous mixture examples
    • Cereal in milk
    • Vegetable soup
    • Pizza
    • Blood
    • Gravel
    • Salad dressing
    • Oil with water
    • Mixed nuts
    • A bowl of colored candles
    • Soil
    • Ice in Soda
  • Heterogeneous mixtures are more common than a homogeneous mixture


Healthcare in Cambodia – One2One

On August, 31st, 2018, our Healthcare exploration visited MoPoTsyo to gain insights into healthcare and healthcare perspective in Cambodia. MoPoTsyo—a shorter term for Patient Information Centre—is an NGO that works with patients with chronic diseases, especially diabetes. We were there to talk to Dr. Maurit. He was a really fun man to talk to. He took us through mini biology lessons and explain different diseases and condition. From his talk, we learned that diabetes is not a disease, rather it a condition where the person is unable to produce insulin (type I), or unable to use their insulin effectively (type II). You might be wondering what is insulin is, well, it’s just a fancy name for a hormone that helps your body to regulate its sugar level. Back to where I trailed off, not only did we talk about Cambodia, we also discuss the sugar credit (in Thailand) where the tax paid by food production company is proportional to the sugar content of their product and various food scandal. Then, we talked about the improvement(s) Cambodian public hospitals can make, and learned about MoPoTsyo’s work. What they do is really cool, they offer blood testing service and education program. They also a longer training program, where people were taught about diabetes, and later take a test to ensure that they are qualified to teach their peers and raise awareness of diabetes.

Engineering Biography

Hedy Lamarr

Born: November 9, 1914

Died: January 19, 2000 (age 85)

Citizenship: Austria (1914-1953), United States (1953-2000)

Occupation: Actress, Inventor

Hedy Lamarr was born on November 9, 1914. She was an Austrian-born American film actress and inventor. Lamarr won a beauty contest in Vienna at the age of 12. As a child, she showed an interest in acting and was fascinated by theatre and film. She became a film star from the late 1930s to the 1950s. Her best-known films are Algiers, Boom Town, I Take This Woman, Comrade X, Come Live With Me, H.M. Pulham, Esq, and Samson and Delilah.

At the age of 18, Lamarr married Mandl. Her marriage eventually became unmanageable, and she decided to separate herself from her husband. She described her husband as an extremely controlling husband who strongly objected to her acting career. She even claimed she was kept a virtual prisoner in their castle home.  After leaving Mandl, she met Louis B. Mayer, head of MGM. He brought her to Hollywood in 1938 and began promoting her as the “World’s most beautiful woman” and she gets famous ever since.

During the World war II, Lamarr wanted to join the National Inventors Council, but the NIC member told that she could better help the war effort by using celebrity to sell war bonds. Because of her participation, there were many war bonds purchases during that time. Throughout her entire time in the film industry, Lamarr enjoyed her biggest success playing Delilah the most. The film was the highest-grossing film of 1949 and also won two Oscars.

Besides working in the filming industry, Lamarr also worked in her spare time on various hobbies and inventions. She improved traffic stoplight and a tablet that would dissolve in water to create a carbonated drink. The beverage was unsuccessful but later on, in 1997, Lamarr received the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award and the Bulbie Gnass Spirit of Achievement Bronze Award, given to an individual whose creative lifetime achievements in the arts, science, business, or invention fields have significantly contributed to society.

Lamarr died in Florida, on January 19, 2000, of heart disease, aged 85. She was given an honorary grave in Vienna’s Central Cemetery in 2014. Despite the fact that Lamarr was an actress, she was also the first woman to receive the invention Convention’s BULBIE Gnass Spirit of Achievement Award, known as the “Oscars of inventing.” This amazing history should be spread and hear by everyone because Lamarr, an actress, and woman had broken the world stereotype by inventing the “secret communication system” that we are now using every day.

Last but not least, the three characteristics that help Lamarr reached her goals must be persistence, patience, and positivity. Lamarr was not just a pretty actress, in addition, this Lamarr seems to play an important role during and after the World War II broke. She wanted to solve the problem of communication at that time, but her first attempt wasn’t a success due to sociocultural discrimination. I understand that sometimes there are people that are going to say “no” to what we want and need but successful people do not give up, so did Lamarr.

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Bonjech Ponler

“Bonjech Ponler” is a title of a 4 minutes songs that had created by the Human Agency Company collaborating with the Liger students and Phare Ponleu Selpak. It was my pleasure to be selected as the fellow in a film production in a purpose of introducing Cambodia culture to the whole world. There were eight students selected for this two weeks project which required everyone to travel down to Battambang province to meet all of the crew and actors there. Human Agency is a company who “produce content-powered platforms for the most recognized brand names on the planet.” They’ve done many videos, their crews are from all over the world and their requirement is to finish the film in just two weeks. It was fun working with them; we did so many activities such as planning idea, designing scenes, producing music, writing song, filmmaking and interview many people.

Go Film for MoneyTree

MoneyTree is a curriculum brought by a Singapore Company. They established to provide a solution to address the financial literacy gap. Liger is very lucky to bring this curriculum into school for the Junior. “Money tree taught me how to save and manage my money.” – Dara. Meanwhile, Samady, Samnang, and I are having such a great opportunity to help the company with their promotion video which will use to target Cambodian parents. Before the end of January, our team will visit three different schools in Phnom Penh (The Westline School, Apple Tree International School, and Cambodian Children’s Fund organization), to shoot several videos as well as to meet with the curriculum trainer from the Company. This might sound simple, but we have their future with us.

Khmer Audio : Marine Ecosystem

Carols are invertebrate, living in a compact of colonies of many polyps. It comes in many different shapes and color. Corals are easy to find in shallow water due to a mutualistic relationship with algae. In one year, it’s can grow up to 3 centimeters or 5 centimeters only. Sadly, there are several illegal cases happen in Cambodia’s Ocean which led all aquatic animals and plants into danger. Lately, our students had worked as an audio scribe to educate people about marine life. We hope people will be educated about marine ecosystem and willing to preserve our beautiful corals as well as the other biodiversity.

Here is the sample of the scribe in Khmer:


សំណាង : អួយ! សប្បាយចិត្តដល់ហើយ ពេលបានមកលេងសមុទ្រម្តងៗ!

សុវណ្ណារី : ធ្វើមើលតែមួយលោកហ្នឹង មានតែឯង ។ ខ្ញុំក៏សប្បាយចិត្តដែរ ។

ឈឿ : មែនហើយ ទេសភាពនៅទីនេះស្រស់ស្អាតមែនទែន !

សំណាង : តែមានអារម្មណ៍ថា ដូចខុសប្លែកពីមុនយ៉ាងម៉េចទេ ?

សុវណ្ណារី : ប្លែកមែនតើ! ស្លាប់ហើយ មានសំរាមអណ្តែតលើទឹកទៀត ។

ឈឿ : មិនមែនតែប៉ុណ្ណឹងនោះទេ សូម្បីតែផ្កាថ្មក៏បាក់ ហើយអណ្តែតមកច្រាំងដែរ ។

សុវណ្ណារី : ស្អីគេទៅហៅថាផ្កាថ្ម ? ខ្ញុំមិនដែលឮសោះ ! ហើយរាងវាមេ៉ចទៅ ?

ឈឿ : វាមានរាងខុសៗគ្នា ខ្លះបែកមែកសាខាដូចដើមឈើ ខ្លះក្រញាញ់ដូចខួរក្បាលមនុស្ស ខ្លះមានរាងដូចជាបណ្តុំផ្កា ហើយខ្លះមានរាងដូចស្លឹកឈូក ។ សុវណ្ណារីមានដឹងអត់ថាផ្កាថ្មប្រភេទនេះ មានតួនាទីសំខាន់ណាស់ក្នុងការជួយចម្រុះទឹកសមុទ្រឲ្យស្អាត?

សំណាង: ពួកយើងមានដឹងថា ផ្កាថ្មរងផលប៉ះពាល់អ្វីខ្លះដែរអត់ ?

សុវណ្ណារី : ស្រួលណាស់! មកពីមនុស្សយើងឃើញថាវាស្អាត ទើបកាច់វាមកសៀតនៅនឹងសក់ ។

សំណាង : ចម្លើយល្អមែនតែមិនត្រឹមត្រូវទេ !

ឈឿ : ហិ ! ហិ ! ហិ ! ហិ ! ផ្កាថ្ម ទទួលផលប៉ះពាល់មកពីព្យុះធម្មជាតិ !

សំណាង : ក្រៅពីព្យុះធម្មជាតិ វាក៏បណ្តាលមកពីការនេសាទខុសច្បាប់ ដែលមានដូចជាអូសអួនធំៗ ហើយពេលអូសម្តងៗ ធ្វើអោយស្រទាប់នៅបាតសមុទ្រត្រូវបានបំផ្លិចបំផ្លាញ ការបោកគ្រាប់បែក ការដាក់ថ្នាំពុលកត្តានេះហើយ គឺជាហានិភ័យដ៏ធំមួយ ដែលគួរអោយភ័យខ្លាច ។

សុវណ្ណារី : ហានិភ័យ !? ផ្កាថ្មធម្មតាហ្នឹង? បាត់វាមួយ ក៏នៅសល់អាផ្សេងទៀតដែរ ចាំបាច់បារម្មណ៍អី ។

សំណាង : ផ្កាថ្មទាំងនេះ មានសារ:សំខាន់ណាស់ !

សុវណ្ណារី : ខ្ញុំដឹងហើយ គឺវាជួយចម្រុះទឹកអោយស្អាត ។

ឈឿ : បាទ ! ក្រៅពីចម្រុះទឹក វាក៏ជាជម្រករបស់សត្វដ៏ទៃ ដូចជាពពួកត្រីត្លុក អន្ទង់ ត្រីខ្យាដំរី ខ្ញែ សមុទ្រ ផ្កាយសមុទ្រ ហើយវាក៏ជាអាហារសំរាប់សត្វដ៏ទៃផងដែរ ។

សំណាង : មើលទៅផ្កាថ្មទាំងនេះ លូតលាស់លឿនជាងខ្ញុំទៀតណ៎ !

ឈឿ : មិនមែនទេ ! ផ្កាថ្មទាំងនេះ លូតលាស់យឺតណាស់ ។ ក្នុងមួយឆ្នាំ វាអាចលូតបាន៣សង់ទីមែ៉ត្រ ទៅ៥សង់ទីមែ៉ត្រតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ ។

សុុវណ្ណារី : អី៊ចឹង! វាត្រូវការរាប់រយឆ្នាំដើម្បីក្លាយជាផ្កាថ្មដែលធំមួយត្រូវអត់ ?

ឈឿ : ឆ្លាតមែន !

សំណាង : បើឆ្លាតអី៊ចឹងខ្ញុំសួរមួយ! តើយើងគួរតែធ្វើយ៉ាងមេ៉ច ដើម្បីកុំអោយបាត់បង់ផ្កាថ្មនៅថ្ងៃមុខ ?

សុុវណ្ណារី : ខ្ញុំគិតថា យើងគួរតែរួមគ្នាអភិរក្សផ្កាថ្ម ក៏ដូចជាជីវ:ចម្រុះដ៏ទៃទៀតដែរ ។ ពួកយើងត្រូវតែបញ្ឈប់រាល់សកម្មភាពខុសច្បាប់គ្រប់ប្រភេទឈប់ចោលសំរាមផ្តេសផ្តាស់ ហើយនាំគ្នាចាប់ផ្តើមសំអាតសមុទ្រចាប់ពីថ្ញៃនេះទៅ និង ចូលរួមផ្សព្វផ្សាយពីវា ។

ឈឿ : ឆ្លើយបានល្អណាស់ !

សុុវណ្ណារី: ចុះបើយើងមានផ្កាថ្មដែលមានសុខភាពល្អហើយ! តើវានឹងមានផលប្រយោជន៍អ្វីខ្លះដល់ប្រទេសជាតិយើងក៏ដូចជាយើងផ្ទាល់?

សំណាង: ផលប្រយោជន៍នោះគឺ យើងនឹងមានសមុទ្រមួយដែលពោរពេញទៅដោយភាពស្អាតស្រស់ថ្លា ។

ឈឿ :កំណើនភ្ញៀវទេសចរណ៍នឹងកើនឡើង! ហើយសេដ្ឋកិច្ចយើងក៏រីកចម្រើនទៅតាមរយៈកំណើនភ្ញៀវទេសចរណ៍ អាហារសមុទ្រដែលយើងបានលក់ និងផលិតផលផ្សែងៗ។

សំណាង : អ្នកនេសាទក៏អាចរកលុយពីភ្ញៀវទេសចរណ៍បានដែរ ។


សុុវណ្ណារី: នាទីនេះ ឧបត្ថម្ហដោយ អង្គការសត្វព្រៃ និងរុក្ខជាតិអន្តរជាតិ FFI ប្រចាំនៅកម្ពុជា សហការជាមួយ ក្រសួងកសិកម្ម រុក្ខាប្រមាញ់ និងនេសាទ ក្នុងការការពារប្រភេទសត្វ ឬរុក្ខជាតិ ដែលទទួលរងការគំរាមកំហែង ព្រមទាំងជួយលើកស្ទួយនៅវិស័យសេដ្ឋកិច្ច។

សំណាង : ចូលរួមរាយការណ៍រាល់សកម្មភាពនេសាទខុសច្បាប់ ដែលអ្នកបានឃើញតាមរយ:លេខទូរស័ព្ទ 0១២ ៩០៨ ១២១

សុុវណ្ណារី : អភិរក្សសត្វសមុទ្រ

សំណាង : ដើម្បីភាពស្រស់ថ្លា

ឈឿ : ជាអនាគតនៃសេដ្ឋកិច្ច

Khmer Poem – ស្រណោះនារី

Everyone learned how to write a poem in Khmer Literacy class.  Most poems are written in order to convey the author’s feeling toward something.

កំណាព្យគឺជាកម្រងពាក្យឬកំណាព្យកាព្យឃ្លោងដែលមានការចាប់ចុងចួនពីរោះរណ្តំណែងណង មានឃ្លា មានល្បះ មានកម្រិតកំណត់ព្យាង្គតាមមេបទអាចបម្រើមនោសញ្ចេតនាមនុស្សឲ្យរំភើប សប្បាយរីករាយ និង សង្វេក អនិច្ចា និង ជាច្បាប់ទូន្មានប្រៀនប្រដៅផ្សេងៗ ។ល។


រង្វាស់កាព្យ​ ៖​ ក្នុង១វគ្គមាន៤ឃ្លា ក្នុង១ឃ្លាមាន៨ព្យាង្គ។

ចំណាប់ជួនក្នុងវគ្គ ៖​ ព្យាង្គទី៨នៃឃ្លាទី១ក្នុងវគ្គទី១​ ជួននឹងព្យាង្គទី៣ ឬ ព្យាង្គទី៥នៃឃ្លាទី២ក្នុងវគ្គទី១ ។ ព្យាង្គទី៨នៃឃ្លាទី២ក្នុងវគ្គទី១ជួននឹងព្យាង្គទី៨នៃឃ្លាទី៣ក្នុងវគ្គ១ ហើយជួននឹងព្យាង្គទី៣ ឬ ព្យាង្គទី៥នៃឃ្លាទី៤ក្នុងវគ្គ១ ។

ចំណាប់ជួនឆ្លងវគ្គ ៖​ ព្យាង្គទី៨នៃឃ្លាទី៤ក្នុងវគ្គ១ ជួននឹង ព្យាង្គទី៨នៃឃ្លាទី២ក្នុងវគ្គទី២។


សុពណ្ណារីពេលព្រឹកព្រលឹម                       ម្តេចមិនញញឹមដូចសព្វមួយដង

ប្លែកពីធម្មជាតិដែលស្រស់បំព្រង         សប្បាយសាសងបែកអាកាសសារ ។

នាងអើយគន់ផ្ទៃមេឃខៀវស្រងាត់     សត្វហើរឆ្វេងឆ្វាត់គ្រប់សព្វទិសារ

រលកបោកខ្ទប់អស់ផ្ទាំងសិលា               ក្លិនឈួរបុប្ភារាលពាសពេញព្រៃ ។

សុពណ្ណារីស្រីស្រស់នួនល្អង                        ហាក់ដូចសៅហ្មងនៅក្នុងហរទ័យ

កែវភ្នែកស្រទន់នាងមានរឿងអ្វី           ម្តេចនាងមិនស្តីតបនឹងនរណា ។

នាងអើយចូរនាងអាសូរដល់ចិត្ត          មនុស្សម្នាដែលគិតដល់ស្រស់កន្និដា

នាងមិនគួរលាក់សព្វទុក្ខបញ្ហា              រឿងក្តីយ៉ាងណាសូមនាងបកស្រាយ ។

សុពណ្ណារីហេតុម្តេចនាងយំ?                   ម្តេចនៅសំងំភ្លេចទឹកភ្លេចបាយ

អាណិតស្រស់ស្រីបំផ្លាញរូបកាយ            ខ្ញុំស្រណោះស្តាយសុពណ្ណារី ។

Math Formulars

When it’s come to a point that WE all need to know these math formulas. It is not required to be memorized but it better to get a sense of how to calculate them. 

Static equilibrium Problem

Static equilibrium: A 7 kg sign is hung up with two cables, with each cable at a 40-degree angle. What is the force in the cables?

Once again, we are going to solve this problem by balancing the forces
in the y-direction. What can we figure out right away? The force of gravity on
the sign in the downwards direction.
Fg = m ∗ g
Fg = 7kg ∗ 10m/s2 = 70N

The forces acting upward on the sign have to cancel out this 70N downward
force. These upward forces are the y components of each of the diagonal forces.
Because we know the two diagonal forces are equal (the angles are the same),
we know that they split the weight equally. Therefore, the y component of
each must be 35 (35 up + 35 up balances 70 down ). Then, once again, we do
sohcahtoa. The y component is the side opposite to the angle:

sin40 = 35/F
Where F is the diagonal force we are looking for.
F = 35/sin40 = 54.45N