On the 31 of March 2016, our Liger school have a big trip to Kep province. I call it a KEP BIG TRIP because it not only students and some teachers like we usually did for exploration but it is the trip for the whole school. There are 90 people in total including students, teachers, kitchen stuff, RE, and others. We spend our Thursday and Friday in Kep jestmen valley then we went on to Rabbit Island. While we are in Kep jestmen valley we did many activities. One of them is working in a team and using GPS to find the treasure. This game is not a race and it not for a win or lose but I still want to tell you that my team comes the first after finding all the treasure on an 8 km walk and hike around the mountain.

After this hike, we went swimming in Rabbit Island on Saturday. We eat and swim, eat and swim, swim and eat for the whole day then we have a slideshow of the picture, podcast about Cambodian Spiritual, dancing and time for bed. Well, on Sunday we pack our staff and head back to school. I notice that it is the funniest trip that the whole school has together after four years and we don’t think that we could do this again because the next year there will be more students and maybe more stuff, so it is hard to move a hundred people all around for trip.