Who am I Poem

Who am I?
am Sovannary.
I’m studying at Liger.
I have two sisters.
Now I am 13-year-olds.
I was born on 22, April 2002.
In the future, I want to be a lawyer.
I like reading books and painting.
I’m also good at writing stories.
My favorite color is red.
I like to be quiet.
I am Nary.

Recycle Community Description

Exploration name: Recycle Community
EXploration Dates: 06 October 2014– 21 November 2014
Number of students: 12
Course Description: Students will work closely with the community to solve their waste management and how to make use of it. In class, students will learn about the effect of waste to living things on the earth, and find solutions to motivate the community to care more about the environment. In order to achieve this goal, students will do a survey in the community to see what are the real problems in the village which is near our school. Then students will do a field trip to interview people from Ministry of Environment and waste collecting company names CINTRI. Students will do Community Project Based which means they will collaborate with the community to separate their waste into three kinds as in Organic, Recycle, and Others. Through these, a community not only benefits for their environment but also improve their living by making compost.



Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

In between 2014-2015 I have four Explorations. In every Exploration, I have learned lots of things and I also helped to change my country. My Explorations was Tech Support (I had it twice), Recycle Community and Entrepreneurship. In Tech Support class I went to Singapore to study technology with UWCSEA students. UWCSEA stood for United World College South East Asia. My group also helped to fix other NGO computers. We went to Takeo to fix some computers for Green Umbrella, Chbar Ampov Market to fix the computer for Tiny Toones and teach their students how to use a computer. Our team also fixed another 5 computers that QB have donated to us. After we fixed QB computers we didn’t keep to use by our self but we also donated it to other NGO. There are more things that we did in this Exploration. The next Exploration was Recycle Community. In this Exploration, we focused on plastic and other wastes. We went into the community to ask some questions to community people about plastic and waste. Example: What will you do after you use all the plastic bag? Do you recycle your plastic or waste? Do you use another thing to pack thing instead of plastic? etc…After we did this survey we came up with an idea to a created new thing from plastics and made a lesson plan for community people. We have invited some community people to our school and taught them how to recycle the plastic and other materials. We also went to Ministry of Environment and Sinty to study more and knew more how the plastic waste and another waste effect to the environment. Next Exploration is Entrepreneurship. In Entrepreneurship, we focused on business and a 3D printer. In this group, I had help, other people, to make their own styles by using my pendant. They could make anything from my pendant. Example: make necklace, bracelet or keychain. This all the things that I had help and changed Cambodia. If I only help one part in Cambodia but I’m happy. I hope in the future the people that I have help can continue to practice their computer skill and try to make other styles from my pendants. Now I and other people in my team are working on coding and designing an app to help Cambodian people to know more about plastic. This project happens at Development Innovation. It is one of the competitions for Cambodian girls. If we win this competition we will put our app online, then other people in Cambodia can use. My teams and other teams have working on it for three months. The benefit of our app is to teach people, especially household and the people that have a smartphone, android to manage their waste. Our app also has video that is used to teach other people how to make a new thing from plastic and other wastes. Our user can post their own video or photo that are related to the recycling things. They also can get the point and like from their friends and they can use their point to buy cloth for their avatar and other things that we have put in our app. I hope my app is the winner and I hope there are lots of people use my app. There are more thing that I want to continue helping to change Cambodia. The most thing that I want to change for now is Education in Cambodia. As you know Cambodia is the developing Country. If it develops, but it only develop in one place or it only develops at the fancy city or provinces. I can see that there are more children that need help from the organization and other NGO. I know that they have a chance to study but they didn’t get a chance to study new thing and have a chance to raise their own idea up and play or study about their idea. In the future, I want to spend my whole time in my Exploration or other class with other students from other place and teach them what I have learned and what are the new things that they can try.