Community Guitar

Many Cambodian students really wanted to learn how to play guitars, but they can’t do that due to the price that they have to pay to get into a guitar class. Chhoeu, which is the leader of this group (Khmer Community Guitar) is really passionate about music. So many students in Takeo province, which is his hometown were asking him to teach them on how to play guitars. He has a point that nowadays, many teenagers in Cambodia are exposed to bad activities, such as using drugs and alcohol, and this might stop them from achieving their goals. Khmer Community Guitar is a program that’s aiming to help the students in the community who have passion and are interested in learning on how to play guitar.

Nation Emblem


This is the national emblem of Democratic Kampuchea that I had draw form the book. The nation emblem consists of a network of dikes and canals, which symbolizes modern agriculture, and factories, which symbolize industry. These are farmed by an oval garland of rice ears, with the inscription “Democratic Kampuchea” at the bottom.

First Aid Quiz

First Aid Quiz

Circulatory and Respiratory System

1 = A friend is are choking and making gasping sounds. What should you do?
A = encourage her to continue to cough
2 = The friend then stops coughing and is distresses and cannot make any sound. She probably has an object in her….
A = trachea
3 = To help your friend remove the object that is blocking her breathing you should
A = slap her 5 times on her back, then apply 5 upward chest thrusts
4 = Your neighbor was hit by a tuk-tuk in front of your house, He is bleeding from his face. You should……
A = move him to safety before doing anything and make sure are safe
5 = It is important that your neighbor stop bleeding because…
A = He is losing blood, his circulatory system is closed and need to stay closed, he is losing red blood cells
6 = Red blood cell are important because…
A = They carry oxygen
7 = When you have hiccups you are having spasms, which are involuntary muscle contractions of the diaphragm. When you are normally breathing you….
A = exhale when the diaphragm relaxes
8 = When you inhale air travel through your…
A = nose, trachea, pharynx, larynx
9 = Walking home you see a man lying on the ground. You ask him if he all right but you get no response. You should first….
A = check to see if he breathing
10 = You check and your neighbor does not have a pulse, you know…….
A = Oxygen is not getting to the cells, his heart is not pumping, you need to do compressions over the sternum
11 = The ambulance arrives and your neighbor’s heart has begun to beat again. You are a hero. You overhear the medical personnel say his blood pressure is 80/40. You know that this is …
A = Hypotension, both a low systolic and diastolic reading, is low blood pressure
12 = You need a transfusion of blood. It is important that you get the correct….
A = blood type and RH factor

Pygmalion-My Fair Lady

In Literacy class we were grouped into a partner to answer different questions and presented to the whole school. To make it interested and also getting more people attending, we had answered our question in TV shows form.

Let read it together!

Section 9, Pygmalion 

Q: How does this line contrast with Act IV, when she cries, “Where am I to go? What am I to do?”

TV Show!!

Person1: Hello, ma world! Welcome back to our Mrs: Talk show!

Person2: Today we’ll bring you up to a new nonsensical movie that some of you already heard about it which is an act by the world famous stars Vuthy Vey and Chimean Hav!

Person1: This famous movie show includes romance, teasing and arguing.

Person2: Yes! Yes! I really like the scene when the main characters Eliza and Higgins get very cross with each other! Especially Higgins ma lovely man! (laughing)

Person1: Aw…….oooooo…………ow! That not nice at all! Can we come into our topic plz!

Person2: Oh,!Yes, Well, what are we going to talk about, Ms.Eliza Doolittle?

Person1: Here is a question that sends by Pygmalion fan club. It says “How is Eliza behave herself differently by stating this two sentences, You’ll have to do without me” compare to “Where am I to go? What am I to do?”?

Person2: Aw……..…oooo………ow! Where am I to go? What am I to do? That the first thing that she says when she has no ideas what going to happen in her life and if she leaves she won’t be able to speak like a lady and sell as much flower as she wants.

Person1: So, you mean she behaves herself differently in the next sentence because she is ready to take care of herself and ready to sell the flower?

Person2: Err…….part of! Higgins is a teasing man. He has no care for anyone except himself. Eliza to him is not really important than his slipper.

Pich: Aw……oooo………ow! Eliza really hates Higgins. She knows that she is not important to him, and she has no longer to live with him,

Person2: But, they both have a special…….

Person1: Oh, Sorry it time. Nary, I think we should continue this for tomorrow. I have to go to my meeting now!

Person2: Hey, but the TV show is not yet……..ah? Well, Thx you so much for your attention today. I hope you enjoy your Friday. Goodbye!!!!!


Not much people like sport, but all of us want a good health and a strong body. Here is one strategy that you should add it to your daily life to get yourself working well throw the whole day. It is yoga. Yoga doesn’t require you to be good at running, kicking like in football, or jump as high as you can in basketball but, it needs you to relax and flexible. You might get very tired for the first time but you will like it in the next week. Yoga can lower your back pain, headache, reduce insomnia and lower blood pressure. I really like yoga. After practicing it for 2 weeks I feel alot better. I feel so fresh in the morning and I can keep working till evening with energy.


DIY is stand for Do It Yourself. I like to spend time on DIY website exploring new skill and share it with all my friends from all over the world. I teach myself how to be a competitor for the other user on DIY. Different than the other year, this year I request teacher to led one Extension call DIY with the junior students. I help them make their own account on DIY because I think they will like it and get more learning style from the world. So far, becoming a teacher is one of my interest. Sometime I enjoyed it and sometime I felt a little bit disappointed. Before each class, I take sometime to go online and search for some activities that kid would like to do and it is meaningful for them. Though this I come up with some activities to teach such as, stitching the book, making key chains, painting and share your favorite animals with fruits. I enjoyed it so much which makes me continue it for the other round.

Trashion Independent Discovery -1

Trashion is the first Independent Discovery that I have for this year. In this project, I need to learn how to sketch the clothes and sew it by myself. So far, I have many challenges in this project. The first time that I learn how to sew, I accidentally hurt myself. It also hard for me to think of the new design for my project. For some design, I need around 2 weeks to finish sketching and sewing. I have a really hard time researching for a new style and how could I change it, so then it could be different from the original. This project is not only focused on plastic or waste that people throw away but I also make some clothes out of whole fabric.


I born with a gift of art, but it doesn’t mean that am perfect with every piece of them. I try harder every day because I want to get to the point that I want. Zentangle is one of the drawing art that I learn by myself in the free time. Down here are the two drawing that I did for my friends. They both had encouraged me to take a higher level of art.

IMG_3958 IMG_3964