I am a diamond in my parent’s eyes
Adorable, intelligent and kind
Aggressive and sometimes a little shy
But I’m still in everyone’s heart and mind

My laugh usually makes them both happy
My smile makes friends and teachers want to stay
But I’m still crying and sometimes I’m silly
That why my aunt still want to leave today

Many people would like to play with me
Play game, reading, writing and have a talk
But I’m a girl that likes to stay lonely
Sometimes quite and want to have a walk

I end up with no one understand me
That why I born with Rith Sovannary

Project Base-Learning

Project-based learning is an educational method that involves inspiring students in problem-solving and investigative activities to gain deeper knowledge, skills, and experiences; giving students the opportunity to actively explore challenging questions and real-world problems outside of the classroom resulting in realistic products, solutions or other outcomes.

We are the group of students that want to change Cambodian Government school curriculum. We knew that many students start to get boring in class after sitting for 2 hours and listening to a teacher. So we come up with the ideas of focus on four main points (study in the real world, researching, problem-solving and product or outcome). So far we have been working with Chbar Ampov high school and Krojes Krong high school in Kratie. We can see that they have changed a lot in the past week. Most of them happy to work in the groups, brave to do the presentation in front of many people and they know how to interview people in a polite way. Not from this observation but we also can see from our evaluation team that students really want to have this PBL in their school and they hope we can go and do this project again with them.