Women’s Health Research

Both women and men share similar health challenges, but the differences are such that the health of women deserves particular attention. While there are many commonalities in the health challenges facing women around the world, there are also differences due to various conditions in which they live. I think it is very important for women to have access to knowledge related to their own health, not only about the reproductive system because they are going to a mother and wife, but about all aspects of her body. Therefore this will be amazing research to scrutiny the women’s health in all aspects, and especially seeing the different perspectives towards the women’s health system in Cambodia. My aim is to 1, Determine the current health services for women in the rural areas in Cambodia and what they are lacking. These include: (a), the area of they are living; (b), the income/poverty around their area. 2, Dictate the current women and girls health in Cambodia; major health concern, establish the needs for women and girls based on their service which also could link to their knowledge of their own health.


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